Denise is the grandmother who bravely walks the balance beam between responsible and crazy.   She calls that precarious place Faith.  She is extremely analytical and loves coming up with the solution to any problem.  She is also extremely creative which sometimes makes her solutions a bit risky. She does, in fact, live vicariously through her children and grandchildren—in a healthy way.  Depending on the day, she may be dancing with Tessa, jumping out of an airplane with Ryan, chasing a bad guy with Michael, creating great art with Kelly, swimming a zillion laps with Ross, doing backbends in the snow with Kenzie, or running in circles with Jett—all in her head, of course.  If left to herself, she will write, read, redecorate, or feed her Netflix addiction.  To compliment her, tell her she's clever.


Kelly is the eternal optimist who, no matter what the circumstance, chooses to see the bigger picture and to walk in gratefulness.  As a mom of three on this earth and one in heaven, she realizes the significance of every day. She takes her job of swim team mom very seriously and is a dedicated cheerleader—literally and figuratively.  She juggles her roles as wife, mom, daughter, sister, children’s art studio owner, and Christ follower with amazing expertise.  She’s a pretty good cook, too!  To compliment her, tell her she's loyal.


Tessa is at home with a camera in her hand, a dream in her heart, and an adventure in her sights.  She dances through each day, stopping occasionally to doodle, strum her guitar, read a book, or consider her story in the light of her faith in Christ.  And sometimes she writes about how the world looks through her 18-year-old eyes. She’s a lover of people, all things vintage, thrift shopping, and accents. Her mission in life must surely be to keep the rest of the family young at heart.  To compliment her, tell her she's darling.

And these are the people we write about.  Enough said. 

Thanksgiving 2013

Old Navy, March 2015

Old Navy, March 15, with the girlfriends