We have compiled another list of fun and unique gifts for the kids in your family!


I love these books for great art ideas and for the amazing content.  Go check out the preview.  And they are only $12.

This looks like a great book for the 8-11 age group or a read-aloud for those younger. 

Art Supplies

I have four of these that I use at my children's art studio, and we love them.  I have clocked 24 hours on the original batteries.  Make sure to buy card stock and extra tempera paint.

For the small artists, I love these cake temperas.  They are darker than watercolors without the mess of liquid paint.

Other Neat Things

This camera is just a fun item.  We took one of these to a recent concert and the girls got pictures with some of the artists and were able to have them autographed at the same time. 

My youngest got this for his birthday and it is hilarious to watch him on it. 


Shhhhhh! Don't tell Jett that I ordered him these!

And don't tell Kenzie that I ordered this for her! Who could resist a Lego caravan?

Someone else should order this for her. *wink*