Probably the thing I like to do the least when it comes to preparing for Christmas is buying things to put in the stockings. It probably stems from my aversion to throwing money away on piddly junk. I realized that getting this out of the way early would make me so happy, so Kelly and I came up with 25 things that we think are good options. Of course, there are a zillion more. We only hope that we get you thinking about things that you can pick up as you see them!

  1. Candy (Okay, this is the normal thing so let's get it out of the way!)
  2. Tape (washi or Scotch--kids love to tape things!)
  3. Gift Cards (We always give the kids $2 Dunkin' Donuts cards which thrill them!)
  4. Jewelry
  5. USB Flashdrive
  6. Fun Socks
  7. Good Pens (We all LOVE these!)
  8. Perfume/Cologne
  9. Make-up Items (lipstick, mascara, tweezers, eye shadow, etc.)
  10. Movie Tickets
  11. Book of Stamps (for college students)
  12. Deck of Cards
  13. Gum
  14. Sharpies
  15. Love Letter
  16. Stickers
  17. Rubber Stamp (from the library of . . . is a great one for kids to personalize books)
  18. Electronic Cleaning Cloth
  19. Toiletries (toothbrush, bandaids, etc.)
  20. Flashlight or Headlamp
  21. Pocket Knife and Sharpener
  22. Hair Care (brush, comb, drying towel, ties, clips, bows, etc.)
  23. Temporary Tattoos
  24. Gloves
  25. Nail Care (polish, stickers, files, clippers, etc.)

We don't advise it, but you could put a puppy in a stocking! 

Below is a recap of what we've been doing to get our Christmas on. We only have three weeks left! Woohoo! If you are late to the party, it's okay, just get started now. You still have time to knock out a lot of things before December 1 when the real magic begins!

Week One: Get Your Christmas On. We made our lists.

Bonus: How to Pick the Perfect Gifts for Everybody on Your List

Week Two: How to Work Those Lists Like a Boss. We bought or gathered supplies for our projects and started working our gift lists.

Bonus: Five Photography Must-Haves

Week Three: Season's Greetings. We scheduled our Christmas card photo shoots.

Week Four: It's a Wrap. We picked out our wrapping paper.

Week Five: Crafting. We got started on our Christmas crafts.

Week Six: Gift Making. We continued making and buying our gifts.

Week Seven: Order those Tickets. We made plans to attend a Christmas production.

Week Eight: Prepare for Advent. We chose a devotional or made a plan to prepare our hearts.