It is already week six, and if you are sticking with the plan, you should be well on your way to a stress-free Christmas this year. Just six more weeks to go!

Last week's challenge to get moving on our craft projects had me making several trips to Hobby Lobby which is not really a bad thing. I wish I did not love that place so much. I am happy to say that I believe I have everything I need for the crafts I want to make this year.

Being prepared is more than half the battle. 

Yes, I know this for a fact. 

My main focus for the next week or so,  however, is going to have to be on what I need to make for Christmas at the Creek, a local craft fair that Kelly and I both will be participating in in November. Driftwood boats are on the list.

And then I will be able to move onto this week's challenge to GET MAKING THOSE GIFTS! That is the main push for October. Won't it feel good to have everything made that you NEED two months early? Just the thought makes me happy. I have purchased and begun preparing for some very focused days of sewing.

If you are not making any gifts, then your job is to finish shopping THIS MONTH. Seriously? you ask. Yes, seriously. If the money is not there, then at least have everything written down or in your Amazon cart! Again, I say, seriously.

So how is your crafting and gift making going? Have you been able to cross anyone off your list?

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