I apologize for being late with this post. I have been frantically trying to finish the cover design and last-minute edits on my book. I will give you a sneak peek to prove I was, indeed, busy. The finished product never looks like it took as long as it did.

Yes, I've still been working on all my Christmas stuff, but I have not been taking the time to write about it. 

We have only three weeks left of coaching; and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, the pressure is on. According to my to-do list, I  have a few more things to work on since most of my shopping is done, most gifts are wrapped, and most projects are completed. That probably means that I will just shop some more and make a few more things since I have extra time.

Wait! That seems like it may be defeating the purpose.

Can I just say that my Christmas cards came in, and I LOVE them. My monogrammed pillowcases came back, and I LOVE them. My soap was a bit of a disaster, but I am working on redeeming that by covering them in felted wool. I do LOVE the felted soaps, but am not too thrilled with the prune fingers that I end up with after the process. I probably won't make many more.

My sister is coming to visit from Pennsylvania this week, which is very exciting for many reasons. One is that I  won't have to mail any packages this year because my gifts for the up-north relatives are bought and wrapped and packed for transport! I hope y'all are making good progress as well. I bet you are just hoping that I stop talking about all my accomplishments and get to this week's topic!


Because I have failed you greatly this week, I am going to bless you big time with today's post because it's going to be a three-in-one. Why? Because we are so close that I don't want you to have to wait for me to publish the weekly kick-in-the-pants post.

Here's what's left to be done: prepare and mail packages; address cards; and start food planning and preparing, which includes deciding on holiday menus, cookie baking, and food gifts.

There is not a lot to be said about the first two, but food--we have quite a lot to say about that. The last three weeks, we are just going to get you excited about baking--in advance! You do know that it can be done, right? If you are like me, baking is most often relegated to the when-everything-else-is-done pile. Cookies get made, but usually not before December 23 or 24. Maybe that is a good thing since it keeps me from eating sweets all month!

And let's just talk about decorating for a moment. I did not include it in our 12-week plan because it is not something I ever want to do before Thanksgiving. I love everything about fall and never want to rush through it. I don't ever want to skip over colorful leaves or pumpkins or have them share space with snowmen. Ever. 


I do plan on sorting through some of my Christmas stuff in the next week or so, and hope to purge a bit. We typically cut down our tree the day after Thanksgiving, and then the rest of the weekend is spent decorating. With all of my shopping, baking, and crafting out of the way, it should not be so stressful this year.

So be watching for some food inspiration over the next three weeks! I promise that you will not have to wait very long! Kelly is already working on a cookie post and Tessa has a great post to share about trying something new and a bit daring!

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