Every family has their favorite, traditional Christmas recipes; but from time to time, we all get the desire to try something new. 


A few years ago I  found myself thoroughly obsessed with Kinfolk.  Kinfolk is a quarterly magazine dedicated to the idea that a simple life is a better one, and meals shared are always a grand idea.  It's honestly one of the most visually appealing things I've ever laid my hands on. The photographs of food are so beautiful (There are a lot of volumes available through Amazon. This recipe was in Volume 6.)

It was close to Christmas, the house was festive, and I felt inspired by the picture of blackberry buns with warm vanilla sauce. The fact that I had only once before ever even tried to bake something by myself did not deter me. It probably should have considering how that went!  This time I actually read the recipe and did exactly what it said.

Well, almost exactly what it said. I may have looked away while my sauce was simmering. It was just a second or so.

Yes, that was not so good. But it definitely got better!

When I pulled my creation out of the oven, I remember feeling such a sense of pride. It was perfect!

Oh my! Look at that vanilla cream. Yum, yum, yum! I think I will make these again this Christmas when I'm home on break.

Have you ever wanted to try making something a little more complicated? Have you ever given up before even trying? This year should be the year that you take a risk. What's the worse that could happen? Yes, your sauce may boil over on the stove, but you might also get to feast on most scrumptious thing ever. Either way, it will be an experience, and experiences are always worth the risk!


I have always wanted to try to make a gingerbread house, probably because of the creative possibilities with all those candies. I don't eat many sweets, so my desire was definitely not driven by the excuse to sample all the trimmings. A few years ago, I, too, was feeling brave and joined a friend via Skype for a day of gingerbread making. You can read about it here.

I always have a pile of recipes, ripped from magazines, that I want to try.

This year, I am pretty sure these German chocolate pancakes will be attempted. I may even have Tessa give them a try if she comes home from college in a cooking mood. 

This will be the fourth year I've made this apple slab pie from my magazine recipe collection. It is delicious and looks pretty impressive, too!

I am sure we've tried some things that were disasters, and we don't have any photographs to prove it--probably because we try to forget those. We stand by our belief that with great risk comes great memories. So go ahead and take a great risk this year and try making something new!