I've never been a planner kind of girl.  In high school they just ended up collecting dust in my locker for me to find at the end of the semester, but this year I was determined to become one.  So, I started hunting for something unique, helpful, and aesthetically pleasing.  The last one was especially important to me.  The moment I laid eyes on this planner, I knew I had to have it. 

I knew that even the prettiest planner would end up back on my shelf if I couldn't make it mine, so I loaded up on the washi tape and stickers and started adding my touch to it.  Have we ever talked about how much I love washi tape?  It's perfect for anything and everything.  Want to hang some pictures, but you're too lazy to go buy a frame?  Washi tape it! Have a boring dorm door?  Give it some pizzazz with some strips of washi tape.  It won't even leave any residue.  You could say I'm a little in love with it. planners also have adorable artwork at the beginning of every month and little compliments and challenges scattered across the weekly pages.  It definitely spices up  my scheduling. 

If you can't see why I love this planner yet you probably should start this post over because it's amazing.  The best part for me is that at the end of the year it will be a time capsule of sorts, holding a bunch of little quotes, photographs, and reminders of adventures. 

So, if you're looking to become a planner kind of person, you should get right on that.  Go find a planner than makes your heart happy and washi tape it up!