Every year I vow to not bring one more Christmas item into the house, and every year I find that I have to make at least a few things. I can't seem to help myself. This year's projects were quick and easy.

The first one is the JOY sign that I propped up behind our tree. There was not planning, just freehand painting on an old piece of wood and some hoping for the best.

The second was the camper ornament in a jar. Again, this was super quick and easy. It took a jar, a camper ornament, fake snow, fencing from the dollhouse section of the craft store, a twig, a little fake tree, and a bead chain that I applied different colored glitter to. 

I bought this bird cage at an auction a few months back and deem it to be one of my favorite auction finds. I will not be talking about any of the other junk I carted home that day. No, I will not!

Last year, I--I mean, the elves--surprised the kids with the snowmen on the steps, and I decided it was worth repeating this year. All that fake snow strewn about keeps me from having to sweep the stairs. 

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and make lots of memories!