I've been taking pictures since I confiscated my mom's Canon Powershot in 2006 and I have continued to fall in love with it.  

I'm currently in the process of crossing over into making my photography a business as well as a love and I've found that there are a few things that I always need in my camera bag. 

1. 50mm Lens

Seriously, I am so in love with this lens.  I shot for years with my kit lens and when I bought this baby there was no going back.  Definitely a must have. 

2. Rain Cover

This is surprisingly useful.  When I was at SocalityPDX in October it poured while we were on the beach and I was able to continue shooting without ruining my camera because I had a rain cover. The people who didn't own them were rather jealous. 

3. Lens Cap Holder

I would have spent a fortune in lens caps if I didn't have these.  One of these will last me a year or more before I need to replace it.  One of the best things I have ever used.  

4. Compact Tripod

I bought this tripod for my trip out West and it was the greatest purchase ever.  Not only does it weigh next to nothing, it's perfect for last minute self portraits!

5. Good Camera Strap

The original Canon/Nikon straps just scream I-just-pulled-this-out-of-the-box-and-I-don't-have-a-clue.  Put that puppy up and get yourself a snazzy and ten-times-more-comfortable strap to go with you on all your adventures.  Plus you'll look even cooler in all the pictures people take of you!  Just click below to check out their other options!