If you believe that, then it just makes sense to live in one--even a small one.

One of the best things about our little village of people is that collaboratively our talents can be pretty impressive.  And boy can we get a project done when we ALL put our minds and our hands and our emotions into it.  Since just about all of us are project-driven as well as quest-driven (Lord, have mercy!), we constantly are having to work together to get them done.  

photo taken in afghanistan by son

We think big.  Sometimes we think too big.  Sometimes we think too many things big at the same time.

I am pretty certain that Travis and Ross could care less about our creative endeavors; but, like it or not, they are part of the village.  And pitching in is part of the cost of being part of the village.  Yes, sometimes the cost may be a bit high.

Let's visit some of our latest projects that took almost the entire village to complete.

Kelly's Bathroom:  From school bathroom to laundry room to little girl's bedroom to craft room and now back to a bathroom.

Travis gutted the room and found a secret door to the basement.

Dad provided the bathtub.  My brother, Michael, helped Travis install it level. I gave up cleaning the surrounding rooms.

I tiled the floor with 4-foot long tile planks.  They were heavy to work with, but I love the driftwood look.

My mom found this great dresser at an antique store for $40.

With the help of the Internet, I installed my first wall tile.  My dad did the water saw cuts for me.

Travis did all the caulking and painting. My brother, Michael, retrofitted the drawers in the dresser to fit around the plumbing.  My dad installed the plumbing fixtures.

I found that great floor length mirror at our local thrift store for $14.  It is super heavy and has beveled mirror.  

Mom found this great paint-by-number at Goodwill in Florida for $5. 

See, it did take almost the whole village.  And we're not quite done.  Michael is working on the door, and I am working on finding some more amazing artwork.

Kingswood School Library:  A local orphanage founded in 1943.

The needs of such a place are many and can be overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing.  It's hard for the full-time staff to see the forest for the trees, so to speak.  When asked what we could do to help, our friend, Korry, sent a list of possible projects.  When we saw that they desired a library for the children who live there, it was a no-brainer.  We LOVE books and were thrilled to be able to pass that love on through such a project.  Every single one of us worked on this room!

The Yard:  One full acre right smack in the  middle of the historic district.  Yeah.

It's a huge job that nobody loves which really stinks.  We all love a nice-looking yard, so it would be wonderful if somebody actually enjoyed wielding a weedeater. The good news this year is that we are hosting a big graduation party for Tessa; so, like it or not, the whole stinkin' lot of us have been drafted into horticulture hell--I mean, heaven.  

It took 95 bags of mulch just to do our front yard.  Kelly spread them all.  The rest of us mowed, weeded, trimmed, planted flowers, etc.  Again, Kelly spread 95 bags of mulch!

As if the village was not enough to get the job done, we employed (Well, maybe employed is not the best word, but Kelly did feed them.) a small tribe to assemble the octoball court.   Yes, it's going to be a great party.  Pay no attention to the ambulance in the background.  

Michael's Engagement:  We waited a long time for this!

There were candles and cupcakes and flowers and sparkling grape juice and a photographer.  Team effort.  A lot of team effort.

Latest Ongoing Project:  Camper Renovation--again.

Last year I (Denise) mentioned to my husband that I'd love to find a small self-contained camper to take across the country for Tessa's senior trip.  I envisioned something like a vintage Volkswagen bus.

This is apparently what he thought I meant.  


He honestly thought that Tessa and I would drive that thing 6000 miles or so?  Lord, have mercy again.

Just for the record, we leave in June for our three-week trip.  We are flying into Colorado Springs and then renting a car--an economy car--to explore the West.  Yes, we are.  

We haven't completely thrown the camper project out, we have just adjusted the plan--quite a bit.  I now think it is a good one and you will, too--eventually.

If you are the least bit worried about our skills when it comes to renovating a camper, remember this beauty that was  found out in a field storing hay.  You can see Carried Away's transformation here on this blog or in more depth here on Living Life Creatively, my old blog.

Working together like we do naturally provides us with a ton of memory-making opportunities.  Some we wish we could forget, no doubt.

And that about wraps up our latest It Takes a Village post.  There will be more.  We are certain.