Who doesn't love Pinterest?  It's where a creative person can collect ideas in an organized way--you know, where she can actually find them without tearing the whole house apart.  It's a happy place.  The only things on our boards are the things that we put there, so when we decide to browse a specific category, we know it will most likely be an enjoyable experience--unless, of course, we don't remember where we filed something!

When we started the blog last month, we also started a fifty.seventy.ninety board that we'd love for you to follow.  It has been a bit challenging populating a new board while still hanging out on our individual boards.  

Between the three of us, we have 472 boards, 31,083 pins, and 1999 followers. Interestingly enough, Tessa has the least amount of boards (89) but the most amount of pins (19,681) and followers (893).  Kelly has the most boards (251).  Denise is the slacker with the least amount of pins and followers.  If you are a numbers person, that information may or may not interest you.  

Pinterest inspires, educates, introduces us to new friends and ideas, saves us money, costs us money, and sometimes keeps us from doing what we need to be doing.

The point is, though, that we all love Pinterest and spend a considerable amount of time pinning, not just for the sake of pinning, but to push us to try new things--to be quest-driven.  

Today we will each showcase a collection that we individually populated on our collective board at fifty.seventy.ninety and why we started each board. 

Denise:   A category I created a while back is COLORFUL, mainly because I kept coming across photos that just made me smile.  As much as I love and am drawn to the all-neutral decorating that has been trending for sometime now, my heart just skips a beat when I see photos of rooms full of risky things--like bright colors.  People who use  bright colors in decorating are brave and quirky.  I like brave and quirky.

Kelly: This week my growing category is Imagination.  Last year for Christmas my husband and brother built Kenzie a playhouse.  We used the picture below as inspiration. We are sprucing it up a bit after the winter and have pinned lots of fun options.  I love the colorful interiors.


Tessa: One of my favorite categories right now is Adventure, probably because I'll be leaving on an roadtrip in less than a week!  I'm in love with earthy tones, hair in the wind, and the freedom captured in photographs when you're on an adventure. 

Well, there you have it.  The quest for inspiration and creativity is a great one to nourish, and  Pinterest can certainly help you do so!  Happy pinning!