A New Adventure

So much is changing all at once, and my heart wants to burst with the fullness of it all.  My class graduated today.  Not the class I am graduating with, but my class nonetheless.   We lived and breathed, fought and laughed, and just plain enjoyed life together for six years, and I can’t imagine going on without them.  But maybe that isn’t quite true, after all, I’ve been gone for two years.  But it’s the principle of it all.  That’s my class.  Those were my people for so long, and watching them walk that stage has made it all tangible to me.  It’s over.  

 My friend, Isaiah at graduation.  

My friend, Isaiah at graduation.  


It. Is. Over.  Finished.  Done.  And my heart clenches at the thought of that being true.  I want to hold onto those moments, make them last just a little longer, but my new story is rising to the foreground and their stories are as well.  It is time.  

A new adventure is beginning. 

A note: I wrote this a few weeks ago after my class graduated.  I am so glad that these people were part of my story.  I'll be rooting for them, for you.