We are all suckers for before and after photos of rooms, closets, painting projects, weight-loss, hairdos, etc.  Pinterest is chocked full of "shocking" reveals--reveals that quite often leave us hoping and praying for similar results.  Today we each share sites that we've happened upon while doing important work on the Internet that have motivated us to take a chance, try something new, or experiment with our appearances--yep, we even want to grow in our knowledge of and quest for beauty.  

Yes, we know that beauty is only skin deep and all that jazz; but as Kelly's father-in-law always says, "If the barn needs painting, go ahead and paint it."  We are painters.  Every one of us.  Apparently, we like to fool with our hair, too.


I don't remember when or how I ended up on Emily's YouTube channel, emilynoel83, but when I did, I could not stop watching her make-up tutorials, which I realize sounds totally ridiculous now that I write it.  Based on Emily's recommendation, I have tried many products (mostly inexpensive drug-store brands) and have been quite pleased with almost all of them.  Don't let my lack of perfected make-up deter you.  I realize that I should have started this quest about 20 years ago.  Baby steps--even for this old gal.

Trust me.  Emily Eddington is honest, engaging, and inspiring--all five feet of her.  With over 700,000 subscribers and more than 90 million video views, I don't think she has regretted giving up her television anchor job to shoot beauty videos.  And as long as she keeps making them, I will keep watching them.  


Way back when I first started teaching art to kids and before Pinterest, I read a few blogs that gave me inspiration.  My favorite then and now is The Wiegands.

When I originally started reading the blog, Casey had a children's art studio.  She had a baby boy, and I just loved her style.  Her art was free and modern but so warm.  Her husband is a photographer, and so her pictures were fabulous.  

Now, many years later (seven to be exact), she is a big name in blog land.  BIG name.  She isn't teaching art for the canvas any more, but she rocks the fashion, cooks great recipes, loves essential oils, and is just an amazing person.  After the accident, she sent me the sweetest note.  

Anyhow, on Instagram she does a lot of her fashion pictures.  I love her hair posts.  She does different braids every couple of days. I try to copy.  I can't.  

I will continue to try and adore her children's pictures while you go follow her on Instagram @caseyleighwiegand.  


I'm a bit of a sucker for beauty tutorials, too.  Crazy braids, eyeliner, and a copious amount of lipstick (this is my favorite right now) is kind of my jam.  One of my favorite sites for inspiration is The Beauty Department.  Hair, make-up, fads--You name it and these girls have something helpful to say about it.   

I've recently started getting into contouring and this tutorial is one of the best I've found yet!

Are these side braids awesome or what?  When I chopped my hair off at my shoulder two years ago, I spent a ton of time on this site finding interesting ways to do it!

Another plus is that they are always telling you what product in your budget is the best.  

So there you have it.  Be inspired.  Be brave.  Be beautiful.  Have fun.