Several weeks ago, we tried to encourage you to add characters to your stories by talking to strangers.  Today we are going to tell you some specific things we look for when choosing which strangers to talk to.  



In our experience, people who wear hats tend to be confident and friendly.  People who wear extra glasses on their hats tend to be confident, friendly, and affectionate.  Take for instance our friend . . . well, we forgot his name.  He works for Enterprise in Colorado Springs.  

I took one look at him interacting with the office folks, and I knew he was a character.  I actually said to the fellow waiting on us, "I bet he is the office character."  

He confirmed my observation and assured me that his reputation for being a character spanned much further than their office.  When we bumped into him in the parking lot, I couldn't resist sharing my astute observation again; and just like that, we were posing for a photo together.  

Add gloves and a colorful maxi dress to a hat, and there is no way that the person is not begging to be noticed and talked to.  Right?

This is our friend, Barbara.  I definitely made a point to remember her name.  Isn't she darling?  

We met her in Denver at Union Station.  Her husband, a cattle rancher, was catching a bus, and she was there to see him off.  

Tessa noticed her first, and tried to sneak a photo.  I wanted more than a photo, so I just walked up to her and told her that she was darling.  Then we just chatted about the most interesting things before I asked her if we could take some photos for our blog.


I like to treat my style like a conversation starter.  Whether it is the camera in my hand or the random hodgepodge of an outfit I am wearing, I want to give people a reason to talk to me, and I’m usually looking for similar reasons to talk to other people. 

My favorite style statement thus far. 

My favorite style statement thus far. 

When Barbara, the woman my mom already introduced you to, walked into the station I turned to mom and said, “Look at her.  I need her picture.”  She was adorable with her gloves and her hat and the way she sat on the wooden bench as if she were truly waiting to catch her train.  I was drawn to her instantly.  And talking to her pointed us in the direction of the beautiful Oxford Hotel.  It is one of the oldest in Denver, even boasting a live canary in the lobby as a nod to the miners who made the town what it is today.

Another person whose style caught my eye was James.  He was in the front of our line to get on the bus at the Grand Canyon.  He had long hair and sandals and just looked rather interesting; and though we sat next to him, I wasn’t quite sure how to start a conversation (headphones in your ears really kill the conversation starting vibe), but when mom jumped into his parents' conversation, our families instantly clicked.  They were from New York and were on a college graduation cross-country trip, and ironically they were the friendliest people we met that day.  Go New York!  We talked for a good thirty minutes about a wide range of things before we parted ways. 

James, Catherine, and Wes

James, Catherine, and Wes

Have you talked to people because of their style or something they had with them? Have you had people talk to you for that very same reason?  Do tell!