We love to thrift, but we also love to shop-see (kind of like sightsee) in order take in the latest trends in fashion and decorating.  After shop-seeing, we quite often go home and make similar things to what we saw using our seemingly endless collection of great stuff.  


My pile of really old clipboards have been put in and taken out of my discard pile numerous times.  I do believe that the ones I saw at Sevenly this week have inspired me to finally get around to doing something with them for Tessa's dorm room.


I teach kids to create.  To love art.  To love the process.  In order to do that I have to be creative all the time.  And that isn't always possible.  Sometimes I just don't have any ideas.  And then I resort to Pinterest to get ideas.  I pinned these great wood fish a while back.

This week I had Downtown Art Camp.  This camp includes three downtown buisnesses.  A pottery place, a bakery, and my children's art studio.  We each get an hour and fifteen minutes to create and then we walk the kids to the next business.  This year's theme was Under The Sea. I used those fish as inspiration.

My husband cut out fish for two hours.  Then I assembled. 

The kids loved painting their fish. 


We went to Sevenly's open house sale before we headed to Sequoia National Park, and when we were close to making decisions about what we would buy and what we would put back, mom found a bin of $1 rejects.  The bin was full of shirts with slightly messed up prints, random spattering of colors people tested, or a design printed on the front and back instead of just the front.  There was nothing seriously wrong with 80% of the shirts and sweatshirts we pulled out, and so I added a bunch to my stack.  I figured that even if I didn't end up wearing all the shirts, I could always cut out the designs and sew it to something else or even cut the shirts into different design---can someone say fringe?


I walked out of Sevenly with five crewneck sweatshirts and eight t-shirts/tank tops, nine of which came from the dollar bin, for $34 dollars.  Win-win, right?  I've already worn several of them, but I can't wait to see what I can do with the rest, because who doesn't love t-shirt projects? 

Left: my dollar pile.  Right: my full price pile.

Left: my dollar pile.  Right: my full price pile.

How about you?  Do you come home from shop-seeing inspired to make things?