I learned a lot this week.  Lord, have mercy.  

1. Collecting tablecloths, curtains, and doilies pays off--eventually.

2. I am a gypsy at heart.

3. A wedding can be pulled off in 30 days with the right expectations; Pinterest boards; help from a few semi-talented people; and again, a tablecloth, curtain, and doily collection.


I spent the last weekend in Nashville with a great friend at the K-Love Fan Awards.  K-Love is a Christian radio station that we love and support.  They host an award show where the fans vote for their favorite artists in different categories.  They have concerts and meet and greets all weekend, and then they have the red carpet and award show.  It is amazing.  

Before the event we went shopping for our red carpet dresses, and I learned that Goodwill is a great option for a fancy dress at a cheap price.  My dress was $14 and Kenzie's dress was a free dance costume. (We learned we should have cut out the leotard for easier bathroom use.) 

I learned that taking cute little girls gets us great seats at concerts.  They could worm their way to the front of the line or right onto the red carpet and no one cared.    

Toby Mac

Toby Mac

building 429

josh wilson

on the red carpet with Colton Dixon

I learned that carrying a guitar is very awkward.  But worth it.

I learned that Crowder is extremely tall, and he is really funny. 


I learned that time spent with a friend and your daughters is time well spent.

I am in the middle of the transition between being simply a hobby photographer and being a paid photographer.  This is a bit of a scary place to be because it's the first time I have ever had the pressure to deliver good work every time.  You can't mess up a client's work and say, "Oh well."  

But at the same time, I am loving this season because my confidence and skill is growing.  I have photographed a proposal, two engagements, and two small weddings in the last year (plus numerous Instameet excursions), and they have really pushed me to engage with people in a meaningful way.  Though I haven't reached the "practice makes perfect" place yet (and honestly who does anyways?) I am learning that practice does make better.

Waiting for the wedding. 

Waiting for the wedding. 

One thing I learned while shooting Michael and Hannah's wedding is that even if you hate using flash, it can be a life saver.  We now have a like/hate relationship.  I'd say we're moving forward. 

A new family

A new family

I also learned that when you are photographing people, you always have to be talking and telling them that they are doing great to keep the flow going.  I'm definitely still working on that one. 

So, now it is your turn.  What did you learn this week?  Really think about it.  It doesn't have to be deep, life-changing, or even that profound.  It just has to be acknowledged, because when you realize that you are still learning and growing and discovering, you realize that you are quest-driven.  It's fun to be quest-driven.