Today we are sharing food sites that make us want to spend time in the kitchen!


I love everything about The Slow Roasted Italian, and I think you will, too!  

Just look at these pictures and then try not to spend way too long on their site.  I dare you.


I love to cook for my family.  We are not real adventurous foodies, but comfort food is good, too.  My favorite food blog, Our Best Bites, has been a staple in my life for years.  I have followed these two cooks from the start, and now they are big famous cooks with cookbooks.  The reason I love them is that they cook food the normal, average person with kids will eat, and they use spices.  So many recipes don't use spices.  Why?  Food needs spices.  I have personally cooked over a dozen of their recipes, and many are regulars in our dinner repertoire.  Don’t like to read online?  They have cookbooks.


Though I'm not much of a cook, as I said in this post, I'm a huge fan of food photography.  I'm all about that design aesthetic, and one of my favorite food blogs is Caroline Potter's Colorful Eats.  I met Caroline at SocalityPDX, and one look at her site and I was in love.  

After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Caroline searched out alternatives to being insulin-dependant.  By taking grains and refined sugar out of her diet, she was able to significantly lessen her use of insulin and now passes on her love for health and food on to others through her blog.

Who knew grain-free and sugar-free could look this good?  I just want to eat it all!  She even wrote two cookbooks!

Do you have a site that just makes you want to head to the kitchen?  If so, let us know!