One of the great advantages of having two households under one roof is the convenience it provides when it comes to borrowing--especially food items.  You would think that given the regularity of our visits to each other's pantries and refrigerators, we would improve on our shopping-list making.


If it is confession time, I will admit to borrowing an inordinate amount of soy sauce and garlic cloves from Kelly's kitchen--and potatoes may come in third.  

Jett, on the other hand, knows where I stash my dark chocolate and sneaks in there regularly to "borrow" some.  Sometimes he even wears a disguise.  


The dictionary says borrowing is to take and use with the intention of returning.  Well, our definition is to ask to use, knowing full well that the other person will need some other product at another time, and it will balance out.  So do we ever replace the item . . . probably not.

I love that we almost never need to worry about running out of a product.  Since I tend to buy the exact same items (mom did raise me), it works out perfect.  There are a few items though that we borrow on a regular basis that are not food items.  Like the vacuum.  Since the house has limited closet space, we see no point in housing two vacuums.   We have limited carpet, so it works.  We alternate buying the replacement bags.   

Another item is carrier oil for our essential oil habit.  It lasts for such a long time, I'll buy the next bottle.  


And lastly, Tessa.  I borrow her all the time to watch my kids, run an errand, help my fashion sense, do Kenzie's hair, and, of course, to take pictures.  It's going to be a real pain when she goes off to college next month. We can't replace her. 

Items in are house are pretty much in a constant state of limbo, one day here, one day there.  One of my favorite items to watch make its rounds is the milk.  Now, I do not drink milk, therefore the chances of me borrowing it is very slim. Kelly's kids and my dad, on the other hand, move it around quite regularly.  When the kids come in with their eyes on the fridge, I'll just laugh and say, "You're here for the milk aren't you?"  Honestly, it's almost hilarious.  

My borrowing habits tend to fall along the line of spices--Jamaican Jerk to be exact.  For some inconceivable reason, we never buy more than one bottle at a time.  But when you love Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Cheese deliciousness, that is a problem.  Thus my solution: borrow it from Kelly.  Apparently, Kelly either got sick of me "borrowing"  it or just truly understands my love, because for graduation she got me THREE WHOLE BOTTLES!  Amazing, right?  


As you can see, borrowing is a way of life in our house.