Sometimes you land on a blog, and you end up staying much longer than you planned because it feels like you've made a new friend or reconnected with an old one.  And they have so very much to share.  And before you know it, your friend is introducing you to her friend.  Well, that happened to me again tonight.  I had to pull myself away so that I could introduce all of you to Ashley and Amy.

I have been following Ashley Anne Photography (her business) and Under the Sycamore (her personal blog) for a long time.  I guarantee that once you start looking at Ashley's photos of her kiddos and her home, you will not be able to stop.  

Aren't they just the cutest family?  And check out that living room with the huge chalkboard!

And when you are done being inspired at Ashley's place, then hop on over to Happily Situated to see the video that goes with the family photo above.  Happily Situated specializes in visual storytelling.  Oh my, my inspiration tank is full.