It's that time again. The store shelves are being loaded, and our stress level is on the rise. As much as we love Christmas, what is expected of us is just. too. much. Yes, it is. I venture to guess that most of us have not completely enjoyed a Christmas season in a very long time. 

Since we're in the memory-making business here at fiftyseventyninety, that is not okay with us!

Every year we determine to be more organized--to get our Christmas preparations done early. And most years we start off strong, and then somewhere along the way, we cave to the tyranny of the urgent.  Or maybe we are just procrastinators. Well, it will not be like that this year.  We are going to win this battle of the schedule.  

"How?" you ask.  

We are going to win because we are going to use our super powers!


You heard me right:  We are going to use our super powers!

Organization is a super power and we intend to use it.

Say that three times while clicking your heels together, and we guarantee there will be no place like home this year.  There will be no regrets, no missed opportunities, no wrapping of presents on Christmas Eve.  We are going to make those lists. We are going to check them twice. And then we are going to have a blast scratching off everything--before December 1!

Are you in?  I sure hope so, because it will be so much more fun if we are all using our super powers together. And then there is that accountability thing!

We have some nifty FREE downloads to kick start the process that you can get here. Go ahead and print them off . . . right now . . . we'll wait.

We purposely made them in black and white so that you can have fun coloring and decorating them. We love to color and decorate. We hear it is very therapeutic. If you don't need therapy or are just a minimalist, great!  Just print and start writing your lists.

Week One:  Start your lists! 

It really is that simple. We are starting off slowly so as not to overwhelm anybody. We know that if you want to accomplish a bunch of things, you have to write them down. Because we do Christmas up big around here, we have lots to write down; and it just might take us all week to remember everything.

Helpful Hint from Denise:  Search your Pinterest boards now for what you are serious about making and create a visual like in the photo above. I downloaded a picture of every project and collaged it onto one page. I will use that page to make my supply lists.

In the next twelve weeks, we have scheduled time for everything: shopping, baking, making, addressing, mailing, inviting, scheduling.  I think we've thought of just about everything--and it is going to work.  Yes, it is.

We are going to be sharing a lot on the Facebook page over the next 12 weeks, so we hope you have liked us there. The more people sharing, the more fun it will be!  So, are you ready to GET YOUR CHRISTMAS ON?  We are.

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