I have a few regrets in life, one being that I never learned much geography when I was young--you know, when my mind was sharp. Well, you know how to turn a regret around? Adopt the idea that it's never too late--unless the regret is not going to your senior prom. Then it is definitely too late.

My charges and I will be reviewing United States geography and working on learning all the European countries this year.  One way we will do that is by projecting outline maps on our chalkboard wall and having a lot of fun traveling from state to state or from country to country.

And when we are not doing that, we will be checking out our own neighborhood geography.  Last week we visited the the schoolroom and art gallery located in the historic Rose Center which is just four doors down from our home.

Pay no attention to the mittens on the four-year-old's hands. He thinks he's Spiderman.

Before it was a museum and art gallery, the Rose Center used to be Rose School, Morristown's first coeducational high school. It was built in 1892 and closed in 1975. They love for people to use the school room, so we may go there from time to time to change things up a bit--

--and to let Spiderman do some cooking.

That's a lot of orgami!

When we were done at the Rose Center, we prepared for stories the kiddos are writing by walking the neighborhood and choosing houses where their characters will live. We bumped into a neighbor who was still in her bathrobe and who made a passionate pitch to the kids to pick her house--as if they were writing an article for the local newspaper. She then delivered an impromptu horticulture lesson before gifting the children with seeds to plant next spring.

I now realize that another regret I have is not learning more about horticulture when I was young so that I could be prepared to share an impromptu lesson in my bathrobe to people passing by. 

Well, the good news is that I am homeschooling again, so there will be plenty of opportunities for me to learn about things that I should have learned about a long time ago. Regret can be a great motivator, or it can send you into a depression. So, choose to be motivated like me, okay?