Since the accident I have made a point to display a lot more pictures and art.  We take a lot of photos but we tend to leave them in cyberspace or post on Facebook but never actually print them.  So my walls have become a sort of gallery of life. 

I have picked a black frame at Hobby Lobby that I love and I almost always mat my items.  These frames, when on sale, run from $3-$6.  If it is a 5x7 or 8x10 the mats are stock and $1.99, but if I need it to be custom cut or larger,  it cost me $4-$6.  It is worth the price and I love the cohesiveness of all my frames.  I like that I can rotate pictures anywhere in my house and they all match.  

I keep a file on my desk of the items I need to frame and I keep track on my phone so if they are on sale I can pick one up and check it off my list.  

I also always frame some of the kids art through the year.  I will rotate it as new (better) art comes along.  I love the circle cut mat and the 12 x 12 frame.


It is impressive to blow up a fun photo for hanging.  I had this large 30" x 43" frame that had a VanGogh print in it that has hung in my living room for several years.  This last week I decided I wanted a change.  I ordered a 20 x 30 poster from Walgreens for $15.


Now that is an impressive picture.  Most wouldn't blow up the back of someone, but tell me it isn't cool? 

In my son's room we have hung the autographed photos of our favorite Christian bands and artists.  Same frame.  Same size.  And yes, my son has my dusting skills.  Or lack of.


And lastly I love when kid's canvas art is hung in the house.  No framing necessary. You can even use a bit of washi tape and let them hang their current paper masterpiece.  


I apologize for the reflections on the glass, cheap frames do not have anti-glare glass and my house is full of windows!  

So go online right now and order some favorite photos and tomorrow find a frame you love and get hanging!