We cannot believe how much we are accomplishing with Christmas on our minds so early! Several presents have already been purchased and/or made, and it feels great. I (Denise) have opened up my gift box a few times this week just to take in the sight of those presents and congratulate myself! I even made Kelly and Tessa take a peek, hoping that they would congratulate me, too! 

If you have purchased or made any gifts or scheduled your photo shoot, allowing yourself to cross something off your list, CONGRATULATIONS to you, too!

Week one we made our lists. 

Week two we bought or gathered supplies for our projects and started working our gift lists. 

Week three we scheduled our Christmas card photo shoots.

This week, I am going to try to convince you to go buy some awesome wrapping paper or to make a decision to get creative with your wrapping. If you have previously just wrapped in paper you got from the dollar store or on clearance or even resorted to gift bags for all your wrapping needs, listen up.

It is so special to give or receive beautifully wrapped presents, and as an added bonus, they look great on display as part of your decorations.

I have been taking my present wrapping pretty serious the last few years, and it has paid off big in the oohs and ahhs department. I am all about oohs and ahhs.

There are so many inspirational photos on Pinterest, so I will just share a few to get you started.

I love these presents wrapped in old sewing patterns--which are readily available at most thrift stores. 

And who would even care what was inside this present wrapped in fabric with a pocket and a feather and a little deer? The wrapping would be present enough for me.

I have always been a fan of nature-inspired decorating and wrappings. 

This coordinating almost makes me giddy. Love, love, love!

And clever always gets my attention.

So your job this week is to go buy your paper or old patterns or whatever gets you excited! Please resist the impulse to use your stash--unless you absolutely LOVE it. Trust me on this one. If you don't love it, you will not enjoy the wrapping process. And we want you to enjoy the process this year. Okay, if you are feeling thrifty, you may donate your stash to Santa because little children don't really care what he wraps presents in. But for everyone else, make the extra effort, okay?

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