Let's review.  

Week one we made our lists. I don't know about you, but those lists have put the pressure on--in a good way--for sure! 

Week two we bought or gathered supplies for our projects and started working our gift lists. 

This is week three and it's going to leave you with plenty of time to keep working your lists. All you have to do this week is to schedule a family photo shoot if you plan on sending photo cards or to gift one to the grandparents.

You can take it a step further by coming up with some creative ideas and/or exploring your options for printing.  A company we used recently and love their quality is Simply to Impress which has 15 pages of Christmas card designs. 

The shots below are priceless and were found on Pinterest.  They are sourced below the photos.

The challenge that we personally face as a family is finding a time when everyone--namely, Ryan--is in the country and available. We usually shoot for Thanksgiving weekend which was an utter fail last year because two of us had the stomach bug. Since we missed our window of opportunity for Christmas, we had to settle for this one in March when we all got together at Old Navy before Ryan was deployed. And, yes, it was shot by a random shopper. That's creative and clever; that's what that is. 

We are going to try again this year for a professional shot. The good news is that we had a pretty good family photo taken at Michael and Hannah's wedding in May just in case it does not work out.


This week I got to wondering if the "traditional" Christmas card will one day just be a distant memory, joining the ranks of so many other simple Christmas pleasures. I love all the family photos we receive, but I think I would prefer them coming inside of a card proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ instead of being the card. Just a thought.

Also, if the sending of 'traditional" cards goes by the wayside, then so will awesome Christmas card crafts.

If you do not send photo cards and do not desire a family photo shoot, then you have another week to gather supplies and finish up your gift lists. Actually, you could start some of those projects. If you send "traditional" cards, you can shop for those this week. We've seen plenty in the stores already. We hope you are enjoying Getting Your Christmas On as much as we are. Our house is abuzz with creative activity. We may even turn on some Christmas music just for an extra dose of inspiration.

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