I've been away at college for a month and all I have to say is I'm in love.  The people, the place, the community, the atmosphere, everything. 

Do you know what else I'm in love with?  My bed.  That's right, my bed.  It's fluffy as all get out, and it makes me so happy. 

Aren't these posters just the coolest? I bought them at one of Chattanooga's many markets over the summer from designer, Zeke Tucker.  You should definitely check him out! 

Nothing says home quite like star-shaped twinkly lights, pennants, and pictures of friends. 

I bought this cabinet at an auction over the summer, and I must say it's the best purchase I've ever made.  It's the perfect place to store food, cleaning supplies, and a whole lot of bowls. Oh, and hey roomie. 

We don't really drink Coke, but they sure do look nice.  And that painting, a perfect Goodwill find!

Unfortunately, dorm room walls are all cinderblock, which means hanging things on the wall is a major chore involving way too many Command Hooks--Command Hooks that don't always stay put.  So what do you do?  You go buy a plank of wood and nail everything you can find into it is what you do!

wall (1 of 1).jpg
window (1 of 1).jpg