Jett turned five this month and we partied in Neverland.  

I designed the invite on PicMonkey.

Mom made the directional sign.

I created the teepee with six 1x2x8, scrap fabric and a hot glue gun, and I may have designed a special shirt for the occasion. 


Our gift table was Captain Hook's ship. 

These were made by cutting (by hand) traced patterns out of sticky vinyl.  I think they will stay on the fence forever. 


The banner was made from a Peter Pan book I picked up at a local discount store and the bags were inspired by a Pinterest post I saw.  I wanted to keep them all.  I gave them a classic Peter Pan Golden Book. 

We had a spin art table for those that were taking a break from swimming. 

This is just a piece of painted wood, that I glued hooks on with E6000 and pool rings.

I got this great print from Instagram shop @aedriel.

Tick Tock Croc.

Happy birthday Jett!