I don't know about you, but instead of getting stressed when I look at my lists,  I have chosen to get excited that everything will be crossed off in just 11 weeks.  Your challenge this week--should you choose to accept it--is to work the lists, specifically the gift and craft ones.

At this point, you should have written down and made a visual of the things you intend to make--not hope or wish or someday-I-should-make things. What do you INTEND to make. If it is only one thing, then fine. If it is ten things, then fine. Just as long as you are committed to your decision.

I so wish that wasn't a quote from the television series "Revenge." Busted.

I INTEND to make soap, lip balms, scarves, wood signs, and felted wool essential oil bags for gifts. That seems like a lot, but I may only be making one or two of some of those things. If I am super efficient, then I have a few back-up projects. I will call these my hope, wish, or someday-I-should-make ones.

***This is the week you will gather supplies fore every single project you INTEND to make.***

Nothing slows down creativity more than being unprepared for what you want to do. Last week I ordered all of my soap-making supplies, and have already made two batches. Soap takes at least four weeks to cure, so my goal is to make at least two more batches this week. When it comes to craft/wrapping time, my soap will be ready to package up nicely.

I also went to Hobby Lobby and bought fabric for my practice scarf. I did not buy umpteen yards because I have to be sure I want to make umpteen scarves. If I don't love a project, I have a hard time repeating it again and again. So, I will know in the next couple of days if the scarf is a go or just a pretty graphic for my blog.  I know that at least a few people are hoping it is a go.

I started putting presents in my Amazon cart. Even if I can't afford to buy them this week, they are there. And when you make a decision for a person, SCRATCH THEM OFF THE LIST AND DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO BUY THEM ANYTHING ELSE! I hope the caps got your attention.

Do not second guess. Do not change your mind. It is a fact that next year at this time, the majority of people will not even remember what you gave them this year. You do all this work for a nanosecond during a gift exchange. Buy something that makes you happy to give and you can have three nanoseconds of happiness: when you choose it, when you wrap it, and when you give it. If you hit a home run, and your person goes absolutely crazy about your choice, maybe you will get a few more nanoseconds. Maybe. 


I am currently planning an over-the-top Peter Pan fifth birthday party for Jett, so I'm not quite so Christmas minded yet, but that doesn't mean I haven't knocked a few things off my list.  

In progress

In progress

I have some embroidery projects I have been wanting to do, so I ordered a bit of awesome fabric from an Etsy shop, and I've picked up some wood hoops and my thread.  I even picked my patterns.  

Kenzie and I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and picked up all her yarn for the crochet projects she wants to do.  She has become quite the good little crocheter.  I even contacted her crochet teacher to set up a few classes to help her if she needs some assistance. 


I have started filling in my gift list, and came up with some good ones for my guys which is always a challenge.  

Now if I can just finish the sails for Captain Hook's pirate ship, I can continue working my list like a boss.

We have some more gift idea posts coming your way this week!