To celebrate Tessa's graduation from high school, she and I took a three-week trip out West to explore this great country of ours.  Three weeks was a long time to live out of a car with just a general idea of where we would be heading each day, but we did it and made a ton of memories.

Tessa had a travel voucher from being bumped from a flight last year, so we were able to use that toward our trip to Colorado Springs where our adventure began.  In addition to the tickets and baggage fees, I purchased travel insurance.

We stayed in six hotels, five Airbnbs, my niece's house in California, and a teepee. Most were booked a couple of months in advance. 

I am not sure what I thought it would cost to eat out for 21 days, but I was okay with the under $30 a day that we ended up spending.  We always ate breakfast at the hotel or from the stash of food we kept in the car.  We usually ate our main meal at lunch, and we usually ended up splitting one meal between us.  We ate better fast-food or what we bought at a grocery store for most dinners.  We also used a Walmart gift card that Tessa received as a graduation present.

We bought a National Park pass for $80 and Santa Cruz amusement park passes for $70.  We went to Disneyland as a guest of my nephew, and I had Disney dollars that paid for all of our food that day.  We spent about $50 in parking in Colorado and California.  We did not really buy souvenirs, but we did thrift shop a bit.  I had to buy some leggings because it was so much colder that we expected in Colorado and California and a sun dress when we did not get to do the laundry. 

 Oh, and we both bought the best hats.

And finally, we had to do our laundry. I probably should have included this under miscellaneous, but I had the picture. 

All in all, I think we did quite well. I have been dreaming about taking a trip like this since I was in high school. My only regret was that I did not take it sooner and I did not pack paper maps! On the bright side, we would not have seen the lovely state of New Mexico if we had packed a map!