Good gravy! I have really let this updating thing slide. It's been a little over three months since we bought the Rayburn Ranch, and a lot has changed. I've been keeping everyone updated on Facebook, but thought I'd put some of the progress photos and videos here on the blog for those who want to really study the process. I know I searched high and low for ranch renos when we started. 

This is what we got done in the first 30 days! 



The thing that hit you immediately when you opened the front door was the smell of cat pee. It was horrible. I mean your-eyes-watered horrible. I almost had to take a friend to the hospital with breathing difficulties after a brief walk-through. What she learned is that house renovating may not be for her. Oh my. It was a bit scary. Fortunately, for me and my husband, that is not a problem. We come from renovator stock for sure. A funny--or not so funny--thing to mention is that the lady who previously lived there stopped by to complain that the owner was not going to refund her security deposit because she said she had cats in the house--which she vehemently denied. I kid you not--I was standing there talking to her with a face mask on. People. Are. Crazy.

This is the kitchen before. Charming, right? 

Even before we closed, my husband had the dead tress in the front yard removed. And the day of closing he went all Chip Gaines on me. He also loves demo day!

10/4/16 DEMO DAY! Also included in this video: dumpster reality, guys everywhere, and awesome shower head.

10/5/16 DEMO DAY 2  and cleaning out the shed!

Removing the ceiling has made the most difference. It was the NUMBER ONE requirement I had in agreeing to move into this house one day. I really prefer high ceilings!

10/11/16 The exterior walls come down!

10/15/16 The ceiling beams are down and I get to talk over a jackhammer. 

10/20/16 Let's talk about the third dumpster, framing of the master bedroom, and the fact that all the sub-flooring is down! 

10/25/16 This is my favorite video because I have a big announcement at the end! I also tell you about how I am going to get three more feet in my kitchen!

10/29/16 It's all about storage in a small house, right?

And that concludes our first month of renovating. It was a fun month because a lot got done pretty quickly. The stressful part for me was having to make so many decisions. Floor plan? Windows? Front door? Porch size? Cabinet placement? Gas or electric? Flooring? Tile? Sinks? I am very, very happy with my final configuration of the space and can't wait to see it finished! The jury is still out on everything else!