I mentioned in the last post that I have been so happy with the floor plan. I was a little panicky for a while about how small the kitchen was going to be since the one I am in now is so spacious. Michael was willing to go full-on addition, but I was not. We are supposed to be downsizing, which means that part of the process includes finding a way to reconcile with much smaller rooms.

I came up with a compromise which involved bumping out the back wall of cabinets which includes the sink. What was more important to me than the actual square footage was the fact that it freed up the entrance to the hallway into the bedroom. It was always going to be a wall of windows, so a lot of the brick was going to have to be removed anyway. 

The other open area is the bedroom French door. 

The roof was removed and replaced this month, the garage was added, and the footers for the deck were poured. We originally planned a screened-in, cement porch, totally under roof, but zoning nixed that for now. We got a great deal on special-order decking that someone returned that we could not pass up, so a deck it is. I still have plans to add a roof over it once we deal with zoning. Oh the joys. 

Apparently, I did not take many pictures in December. The windows went in, the front door was installed, and the front porch was added.  

I can hardly wait for the house to be painted and the landscaping to be done! It is a muddy mess for sure. 

With these two on the job, what could possibly go wrong? 


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