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Tessa's Tangled Tongue has been in the works for a very long time, and it just makes me so happy that it is finished. It may not have taken as many hours to write as Little Cabin on the Trail, but it was every bit as involved. An illustrated book required the collaboration with an artist, and I had the privilege to work with Hannah Susan Crane. She is amazing, and you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram

Tessa's Tangled Tongue is a book that gifts the reader with laughter and hope. Although it specifically deals with the frustration of a speech delay or word confusion, everyone can benefit from the way Tessa and her smart mommy choose to deal with the challenge. 


Purchase Little Cabin on the Trail on Amazon!

Have you ever taken on a project that you were sure you'd never complete short of a miracle? Well, that is what writing this book has been for me: the project that needed a miracle. From the call to completion took three and a half years. A hundred and fifty pages may not seem like a substantial return on the time spent, but I believe the journey I took with God and my memories through the process could not have been rushed.

The message I wanted to communicate was clear from the beginning, but the chapters and the stories came ever so slowly. Sometimes I had to walk the trails at the cabin and plead with God for something--anything at all--because I had nothing. Many times I wondered if it was ever going to be worth it. Again and again, God sent confirmation and encouragement from friends, family, and even strangers. Please know that with every chapter, every story, I've given a piece of my heart to you, my readers.

I have received just one complaint so far, and that is that the book is too short. That was intentional, so I take it as a compliment. My goal had always been 150 pages because I wanted my book to have the feeling of intimacy, like a close friend. I wanted my readers to dive right in and not have them put it aside to eventually get to. I also wanted even the non-readers to, after reading just one chapter, believe they
could finish it.

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