The following post was written as part of a 31-day writing challenge sponsored by The Nester in October of 2013.

Sports teams have mascots.  The Creeper Trail has Elijah.  He lives with his great-grandmother next door to us on the trail.  From morning until night, if not in school, Elijah rides his bike back and forth interacting with the folks riding by.  He tells people when to slow down and when their bikes need attention.  He "assists" Doug who rides the trail daily as part of the bike patrol.  He dishes out a lot of attitude but takes none in return.  He is mostly delightful.  :)

I decided early on that I would find ways to embrace this little boy's presence instead of being annoyed by it.  That probably sounds mean, but I go to the cabin to get away--to be alone. 

It has not been difficult to embrace Elijah.  Even when I should be painting or writing, I will take the time to ask about his day and how school is going.  We invite him to join us on our bike rides and trips to the Creeper Trail Café for ice cream.  He has helped me carry rocks back to my garden and has told some tall tales about his mountain home to us. 

He has caught butterflies and learned how to play Uno with Tessa and sat around the campfire eating s'mores with Kenzie.  His eyes light up with mischief and adventure.  His voice, well, I've decided that you must hear his little country voice.  He is hilarious!  Check out this video.

I think you will adore him as well.

God knew what He was doing once again.  Elijah reminds me every time I am at the cabin that a little boy's perspective is priceless.

Day 15:  Elijah makes me smile.

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