The following post was written as part of a 31-day writing challenge sponsored by The Nester in October of 2013.

Today you may think I have lost my mind.  And maybe I have, but I love the New Orleans awning that I bought at the Pop-up Barn Show in Franklin, Tennessee last weekend.  I paid too much for it, but I have justified the price because I have gotten so much for the cabin for next to nothing--you know, from my husband Sanford's stash of junk good stuff. 

And I know that Donna at Funky Junk will love it and tell me that it was a deal at any price.  One-of-a-kind items are worth a lot.  And I did not pay a penny for the old fireplace screen that hangs below it.  That has to count for something.

If you are not the chippy, rusty type, you will not understand these decorative touches.  You may even cringe a bit.  It's perfectly okay.  I cringe at matchy-matchy, everything-bought-at-a-store décor. 

Day 17:  The chippy, rusty awning makes me smile.

An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

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