We moved our vintage camper to the cabin for use as guest quarters when we run out of room in the spacious cabin. It is quite possible that she may never travel the highways and the by-ways again.

You may remember what she looked like when we found her a few years ago.  

The transformation is amazing.  And I have my husband and son to thank for a lot of it.

You can hear the rushing of the creek and the happy sounds of the kiddos playing on the trail.

We recently moved the Little Camper closer to the Little Cabin in an effort to make her feel more like part of the family.  When the weather clears, we will extend the deck to tie the two living spaces together.  I am sure that this is her forever home.  And she could not be more thrilled.

So if you come to visit, you may get to spend the night in the Little Camper on the Trail.

Wouldn't that be grand?

You can check out the entire renovation project here.