Dr. Edie—or Miss Edie as most of us refer to her—blogs at Lifeingrace. She is a family physician who took a sabbatical from her practice to homeschool her daughters quite a few years ago. In the process, she started blogging, cooking, decorating, writing, and "doing oils." According to her, she is never going back into medical practice. Instead she has chosen to educate others on natural health through the use of essential oils.

We are blessed to have Dr. Edie right here in our neck of the woods and have attended many classes with her. If you can't make it to a live class, we've got you covered.

Click  here for her video, Essential Oils from a Doctor's Perspective.

From Dr. Edie: 

As a physician and a long time skeptic of almost anything “natural,” including my hair color, I’m no stranger to doubts and confusion and lackluster results around essential oils. I bought my first starter kit so my friend would stop telling me how much I was sure to love the oils. In other words, so they’d hush up about oils already. And honestly, I thought it was the weirdest thing I had ever paid good money for. And as a certified skeptic who let her kit languish in the recesses of her china cabinet for a year, I hope to dispel a few of the myths that often surround oils.