1. Speak words of affirmation. The writing process is hard. The writer spends many hours alone--well, usually alone. Sometimes her friends, Doubt and Discouragement show up. They are like Job's friends. You remember them, don't you?  She needs your encouraging words to keep on keeping on--even after a project is supposedly finished. Marketing can be just as grueling.

2. Buy her book and read it. She would love to give everyone she knows a book--after all her message is important to her. She even harbors secret feelings of the possibility it could change lives or the world. That cannot happen without sales. And she also needs the money--because she hasn't gotten a paycheck in a long time.

3. Gift or recommend her book. Yes, you could just loan your book to all your friends and family, but giving one or encouraging others to buy one shows you believe it is worthy of a place on their shelves. 

4. Leave a review on Amazon or other sites. It's important and necessary for people outside of your friend's immediate circle to buy her book. People really do read reviews, and Amazon notices them, too.

5. Help get the word out with social media. If you see she shares something on social media, go ahead and repost it. It takes a second, but reminds her that you believe in her project. If you have a blog audience, then offer to host a giveaway and give her a chance to share with your followers. And don't forget to pin relaevant posts and pictures.

6. Pass along any creative ideas for marketing. It may be hard for your friend to believe in herself. For most authors, it is easier to write than to sell. If you are hit with a clever or genius idea, share it!

7. Host a small get-together. Your friend needs practice sharing in a safe place. 

8. Discuss the book with her personally. Your friend would love to know what specifically spoke to you in her book. Mentioning anything in detail will make her heart sing.