Why the name fiftyseventyninety?

The three of us sat down for a brainstorming session on the possibility of sharing a space on the web where people could get to get to know us better and to promote the businesses we run and the products we peddle. All three of us are creatives, and we work closely together and support each other. 

We threw out all kinds of ideas about a name, and then it hit—just like that!

We don’t want your imagination to run away with you like in the scene from You’ve Got Mail (someone's favorite movie) where Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox are bantering back and forth about what the chat room handle NY152 could possibly mean.

Some of the possibilities they came up with:

  • He’s 152 years old.
  • The number of moles he’s had removed.
  • The number of people who think he looks like Clark Gable.
  • The number of people who think he looks like a Clark bar.
  • The number of stitches from his nose job.
  • The number of his souvenir shot glasses.

And finally:

  • His address.

To which Catherine Kelly replies:

“His address?  No . . . no . . . he would never do anything so prosaic.”

pro.sa.ic (adjective) -  lacking poetic beauty, unromantic, commonplace

Simply put, fiftyseventyninety represents the decades in which we each were born.  Denise was born in the 50s, Kelly in the 70s, and Tessa in the 90s. 

And that is that.  

Clever and catchy.

And not prosaic at all.